Organic + Biodynamic

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Organic + Biodynamic

ORGANIC wine is made from grapes that exclude the use of synthetic chemicals, e.g. fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

BIODYNAMICS is a homeopathic medicine for agriculture, using natural means to obtain a better, more sustainable and healthier end product.

NATURAL WINEMAKING is very much a ‘movement’ and a nose-to-tail approach to producing wine, extending from vineyard to bottling. In general, organic and biodynamic philosophies concentrate on the vineyard (and similar standards of care should pass into the winery), but with natural winemaking, stricter, self-imposed standards exist.

VEGAN wine is not necessarily one of the above; it is made without the use of animal products at the fining stage-no egg whites or fish-derived gelatins are used.